Fire With Fire

from by Cappo

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This is survival of the fittest
Fuck the untrained and malnourished
You will only have yourselves to blame when judgment gets passed
I'm sure footed, stood up I stand up
Forty-eight laws of power I stacked up
Fifty-two weeks of the year I'm steady serving McEnroe aces to the sour and bitter
My nineties leather built Nikes laces drooping, big loops and samples
We're them monsters sweeping through your city in two strides
Bigfoot, banging my chest, cannibal flesh eater
You're hanging from a thin thread, comrade
Now run for cover when I drop
The evil that men do I punish with a forty day reign
The Midlands ambassador, the monarch, I’m volatile
Obliterate and abomanise
Fifty foot castle walls cover my whereabouts, the matador
Stepping over the bullshit
I'm back with that mortified and morbid to throw in the cauldron
The rhyme to mic ratio is pure OD
I cold slab the vocab with no fee

Squad leader, competition is none
I can't stop, won't stop, napalm, H-Bomb
DivideD Kingdom, buckle up, now brace yourselves for the almighty uppercut
My crack team formation's in place
Clear the area, flatten all opposition, bring the hammer down
With that barbed wire kybosh
Full onslaught, leave the industry a write-off
Flight of the light brigade, we sweep on them
Thousand yard snares and giant machine beats on ‘em
We beast on ‘em, MPC beats got ‘em running for the hills
When ten thousand warriors storm your Fort Knox, Z-U-L-U
Some men living in the Stone Age
While I'm gathering my product from the periodic table
I'm the animal that Hugh Hefner created
The most innovative today, Caps, fuck it, the very same
And you'd best to feel my presence
I supply on demand
(sample) Send them back to the fucking essence

(sample) Fuck it, let's do it
I got the Trent flows, I got the pace and a half a yard
Capital N slanted across my chest
I hold the mic cable like a rotting wire
I came from Nottinghamshire to settle the score
My outfit is full platoon
William Dafoe's and Sheen dynasty's, give the ruler some room
The track Goliath, my spiel David, metal gear patriots
Fuck your miscarriage of justice, I carry the weight
Let the iron curtain sweep to cut off your exits
Cut off your air supply, my aim reckless
Spray the vocals, eyes closed, any direction
Many have tried but none have made a profession
I live by and die by none escaping the reign
And we in full ascendancy now
I move forth, right, cut and bring your embassy down
I went from start to finish and declared myself skipper
Self-financed, maim the bars and flame retardant
If you ain't going full bore
Best prepare for Unicron cos I fight fire with fire

Legendary Styly Cee
The 1st Blood Empire
Mighty Gambler
Can't forget Akai Professionals
Fat shout-outs to Theorist
Midnyte and UTC
Weight Bench, Rukus Regardless, Sandman, Konny Kon, WB
2-0, what up?
Main Rock, what up?
4-5, Tower, Notts City


from Genghis, released April 6, 2010


all rights reserved