Gilgamesh II

from by Cappo

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Grand Imperial

Grand. I'm flying so hybrid, my eyes are wide
I'm flying so high my nose bleeding
The flow's co-signed with Gamble & Proctor
Household name franchises, worldwide
Distribute this polluted essay through the best way I know how
I wrote down for my nest egg
Let's take a look into the minds of the resolute
I only salute my highly admired elders
Respect my thousand corpses
I gallop with the wildest horses
My tour-de-force talk is impenetrable
Amicable, I'm Amityville
Escorted on tour by minotaurs, I'm a fire hazard
Man of fire, I flame on
Orange Thing hood up burn alive at the stake
My library has the books unopened
The last pages torn out
I'm hardback, retarded, Hella dumb

New chemist medicine I pepper spray the formula one
I'm the close call, I'm the nightbreed, on the high ‘C’s
To the 'A', the double 'P', O, I let it be known
That we don't disappear, we grow and multiply

We thriving, Mode 2, Futura 2000
Jump off from ground zero, you are surrounded
I'm renowned for pounding surround sounds relentless
The henchest, I apply pressure now you're mine, precious
I assess the situation and my guess is this is the essence of being dope
Give me a note, give me a key
I'm seeing clear and saying nobody is seeing me, so take note
I'm unsightly, make most admire me
And break those who try to scapegoat, my name's known
I been first, I bring a verse as reimbursement
Twin-turbo exhaust Porsche, important
Export the pure raw to ports and inspire the entire force
I bring forth the winged horse and iron eagle
I am evil, rhyme diesel, breathe fire, primeval

(samples) Broadcast live intermission
Imperial Grand
Beat carving, rhyme chucking
Broadcast live intermission
Legendary Styly Cee
Truth seers see truth
Broadcast live intermission
Weightbench, UTC
Beat carving, rhyme chucking
Lifestyles of the harsh thinker
Specialist epidemic injector, flow rejuvenator

They ink waiting in my pen for the death sentence
And when the message is sent, they're on the roads to recovery
I leave no stone unturned, no dough unearned
Back to the days when I rose from obscurity
I make a living, I make it known
No matter how much he owns he can't take it with him
When he's rotten, or when he's burned
No matter how much he moans he can't make em listen
When he's arisen his soul is in his family's prayers
Up in the air in their thoughts and in their visions
And if there is any Heaven he will be there
But to all of us here he is gone but not forgotten
I cascade the light on the subject
And yeah I may be right, I may be wrong
So I take it one step at a time, still ahead of my time
Still spending my time like it's a million

Still spending my time like it's a million and one
I have no fear of death, I'm death proof
I wear the cloak and mask of a broken past, eternal youth
Ghostwrite un-natural, I spread my fleshless wings and rebirth this red dragon

Your eyes are now mirrors to the real
Blood flowing from the meal, I digest sins of my father
Bring forth the harshest winter
The harbinger of darkness enters in your apartment centre
Claret flowing from the walls
I pay for my gifts, sifting through the white sheets, sink my teeth in the white meat
Pull apart the narrow line margins
Puppeteer I move you, hanging from your sinew strings
I sing you sleep, then continue to reap this empty harvest
I'm mentally the hardest, I harness the start and finish
Beginning and end and then begin again regardless, put this on repeat
Yeah, I sing you sleep, then continue to reap this empty harvest
I'm mentally the hardest, I harness the start and finish
Beginning and end and then begin again regardless, Cesare Borge


from Genghis, released April 6, 2010


all rights reserved