Most Wanted

from by Cappo

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Fuck a first line, fuck a one-liner
My album is correct like the reps on my MP
The wait is over, get your fix, get it here first
Let them scrap for second and thirds
I'm based where they lace the tapes with bass
Where the rats chase the poison and fight amongst themselves
For a pittance, I ain't playing no part
I will take away this plate and watch them starve
Speak of my name in vain again and catch this Macbeth syndrome
The Caps is here, see em scrutinise the lines
I brutalise, stop dead in their tracks, they're soaking up the sublime
Hear it through the car door, I'm Carte D'or
Strict hardcore, fuck a sales figure I'm a sales figure
Watch em sail up shits creak with no paddle
I don't dilute or divert from my planned route
I spaz the universe this time
Hear, yeah, if you're with me hit the switch for me, it's time
I'm sick of these non-achievers
Tell em this is for the real who've been through it and done it
Let's move

(sample) Lyrically, lyrically, lyrically, lyrically, lyrically, lyrically, lyrically, lyrically I'm most wanted
You should know my steelo
These beats'll spaz out
It's mine now

If I gotta go out I'm going out the Richard Pryor father way
In skirt 'till my dick in the dirt
I'm the shit like I'm Lord of the Flies
The world against me? So fuck the world and don't ask me for shit
I got it banging like I'm Brian Wilson
And I'm spreading out manure that could fuck with your senses, pa
This ain't a movement, this is a blur
You don't see where we are now, you see where we were
I hustle like a young Russell
And I'm still reproducing like a young Rick Rubin, you should've known
People's champ, the people chant 'Caps, get at em'
A runaway success story, official stamp
Government approved, fully endorsed
Sign for New Era sponsorship deal, Imperial Sports
Hugo Chavez, the true GOAT rapper and you go crackers when you scope the new flow, cracking
I don't think you know who you're dealing with
From one extreme to another, I'm the meaning of the most wanted
Get on my Jack Nicholson and walk alone as the host
As long as there is breath in my lungs I will be

(sample) Lyrically, lyrically, lyrically, lyrically, lyrically, lyrically, lyrically, lyrically
You should know my steelo
These beats'll spaz out
It's mine now

The moment of brilliance, I'm rhyming impeccable
Edward Norton, the red Jordan, on the cap and the sole
Remember days when we had the control on the page
When Notts rappers gracing the cover, we had the influx
Now I'm back in that same spot
Bat in my hand, ball at my feet, ready to fuck shit up
Now who's with me?
Meaning, who's running alongside the one who changed rap forever with one rhyme?
Hold it


from Genghis, released April 6, 2010


all rights reserved